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Hello everyone, today im happy to annouce the first aplha version of BlockCity:Runner. I'd also like to say that this is no where near completion and will recieve updates frequently.  There are currently 5 level in the Sky map yet more to come. I've planned for some more maps as well as levels even some sub game modes. There will be some hot fixes with every update and they will be fixing bugs, in the next update (not spoiling too much) i plan to have start a maze sub game mode so there is somthing else to play for the time being as well as menu improvements and model improvements. Please keep in mind this is an early version so any there will be probelms but i will try to fix them as often as i can. I will keep you all updated with most new features,maps etc yet some stuff might be kept secret.

The game is currently free and i have no intentions of making it paid any time soon. However when the game is in a finished state with alot of stable gameplay, i shall price it quiet low at around £2 or about $3. After that i dont not think any prices rises are necessary.

My email is: leon.g.m@hotmail.co.uk, please email if you find any bugs or glitches

Thank you for reading,


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