Pre-Alpha V2.5

Hello everyone, yes im back already and im here to tell you about this update. V2.5 offers a brand new level select menu rather than the old scroll box select menu. This new menu will be changed alot through time both for the Race and Maze level select. Also it's no bug or accident that there is another level select for race as it for the next map i plan on creating.

The animations are a bit choppy and some cleaning up and optimizing is needed i just felt as if it'd be better to bring it out now to be tested soon so i can fix it withtin the next patch.

V3 will offer 5 new Race and Maze maps and has no current release date as of yet if you would like some teasers or little hints then tell me i dont mind showing, but somthings will be kept secret. From now onwards i will be adding patch notes as it might be nice to specifically look at what i changed and what is new. BlockCity:Runner is look alot better might i add than before yet it is still no where near finished.

Please share this game around tell your friends, i'd love for some more support and any feedback would be great, this will be the last post for a while (i think) unless i update anything else worth mentioning.


Patch Notes:

  • New level select menu
  • New menu animations
  • New options menu look
  • Fixed menu bugs
  • Various little fixes to the menu


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139 days ago

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